Lollipop, Lollipop


For all the mamas who love to give their kids treats… Dr. Pops All Natural and Allergy-Free Lollipops are both kid and mama approved! You can obviously see in the pictures that Scarlett and Landon are fans! They tried the Honey and Eucalyptus flavor and of course, I tried it too. I loved it because there’s definitely no sugar added and it’s naturally sweetened with honey. The fact that the kids liked it was a win for this mama because that means no sugar high!


On top of having no sugar, there are no artificial colors and flavors, and no preservatives. They are allergy-free as well so they don’t contain peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, sesame seeds, fish & shellfish, gluten, soy, wheat, alcohol & dairy. Each lollipop also gives your child their daily supplement of Vitamin C.

It was so cute to see my children truly enjoy these healthy lollipops! Scarlett, who has tried the sugary lollipops before, just gobbled this up. I was really curious to see if she would like them because it’s definitely far from a Tootsie Pop… which is a good thing for little ones.

Check them out and see for yourself! Dr. Pops are sold on Amazon. Check them out on Instagram and Facebook too for more info!

*This post was sponsored by Dr. Pops. As always, all opinions are my own.


39 Weeks Bumpdate


Wowzers I’m officially 39 weeks and it’s exactly one week until my due date! Some days definitely felt like this pregnancy is taking forever but now that I’ve reached the end, it has totally flown by and was the fastest pregnancy out of the 3. It must be because I have two littles to chase after and keep me busy haha.

This past week was my first week of Maternity Leave and it’s been so nice to sleep in a bit, relax and spend quality time with my family. I was even able to sneak in some uninterrupted naps during the day, thanks to my husband!

As for pregnancy symptoms, I’m feeling as pregnant as can be that’s for sure! My feet will start to feel like they’re swelling if I stand any longer than 5 minutes, after I eat I seriously feel as if my stomach is about to explode, when I sit in certain angles I have shortness of breath, and I can feel the baby’s movement getting lower since he is most likely preparing himself for birth (which explains the pelvic pain). Oh and btw, I have been feeling a lot of Braxton Hicks contractions… a lot of stomach tightening but no pain yet.


Liam, my dear, we are ready for you!!! I hope you come no later than your due date or I’ll have to start the eviction process lol 🙂

P.S. I was so excited to share this non-maternity dress with you from Romwe but it’s sold out! Sorry!


What I’m Packing for Baby #3


Last week I posted about what I packed in my hospital bag for myself (see post here) so I decided to share what I packed for Baby Liam! I still can’t believe he’ll be here in any day now and I’ll be a mama of 3 under 3 *cue circus music* lol! My children are my pride a joy so I am so excited to meet him even though I know days will get crazier at times.

So here’s what I’m bringing for my baby boy:

  • Swaddle blankets – the hospital does give you a couple but I mean, you’ll want to bring some with cute prints that best fit your style (love this and this)
  • Soft plush baby blanket – only the best and softest blanket for a newborn (love this and this)
  • Newborn Beanies – the hospital usually gives you the one with the pink and blue that work for girls and boys but I like to bring some specifically for the gender (love this and this)
  • Mittens – so necessary so the baby doesn’t scratch their face (love this and this)
  • Coming Home Outfit – I always bought a personalized onesie so I continued the tradition with Liam 🙂 I love Etsy! This time I got a onesie and matching set from a small shop called Cobalt and Coral
  • Newborn Socks – I want Liam to feel as warm and snuggly as possible (love this and this)
  • Car Seat Insert – Most car seats come with one already but it’s not as cushion-y as I would like for a newborn especially since they just spent 9 months in your belly (love this and this)


Am I missing anything?! Btw, the nursing bra I’m wearing in the photos are by Bravado… they are SO comfortable that I couldn’t wait to wear them already.

Happy Thursday! xo

*This post was sponsored by Bravado Designs. As always, all opinions are my own.


Baby Boy’s Name + 38 Weeks Bumpdate


It’s my first official day of Maternity Leave today! This past weekend I experienced a lot of pelvic pain, shortness of breath and even some acid reflux (that I always had when I was pregnant with Landon)… to the point where I’m having trouble sleeping and staying asleep. It was definitely a reality check and reminder that this baby can literally come any day now and we have to be ready.

As some of you may know, especially if you follow me on Instagram, I got the amazing opportunity to take over the Inspire Pregnancy IG account last week! It was so awesome to connect with so many moms who actually reassured me that the transition from 2 kids to 3 kids isn’t as bad as the transition from 1 kid to 2 kids… whew! I loved all the encouragement I received from fellow mamas. What an amazing social media community 🙂

Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 10.06.06 AM

OH and I’ve gotten so many compliments on this Ivory Scalloped Lace Long Maternity Kimono… it’s from PinkBlush and I LOVE it! The quality is amazing and it’s perfect for a maternity photo session. I mean… look how beautiful?!

SO… we finally decided on a name. I’m so happy to share that Baby #3’s name is… *DRUM ROLL* please…


We are still deciding on a middle name but I’m glad that the hardest part is over lol. We are so excited to meet Baby LIAM soon! This custom onesie is from an Etsy Shop called Cobalt and Coral! It came in a set with pants and matching beanie that Liam will be wearing when we bring him home 🙂

Have a wonderful week everyone!

*This post was sponsored by PinkBlush. As always, all opinions are my own.


What’s Inside My Hospital Bag


Ok you guys, I literally just did a post like this last year and you know, if it ain’t broke… don’t fix it right?! Lol. Well, this is exactly what I have packed in my hospital bag for me the third time around, plus a few other things I added that I shared at the end of this post.

A Comfy Plush Robe

Being comfortable is key so bringing a plush robe is a must. I suggest bringing one that you wouldn’t mind getting rid of after since you will be using it in the hospital. And of course, stock up on a few for home. I literally LIVED in robes the first month after giving birth. I even went to the Coffee Bean drive-thru in them… lol. No shame!

Phone Charger

I think a phone charger is a must in any situation! Right? Lol. I checked in to the hospital 14 hours before I actually gave birth so there was obviously lots of down time where I was on my phone. Plus I’ll need that extra battery power to FaceTime my babies while I’m in the hospital for who knows how long this time.

Favorite DVDs

To feel more comfortable, I brought 6 of my favorite “feel good” movies and just had my husband rotate through them all during my hospital stay. I just liked to have them playing in the background. Bride Wars is one of my all-time favorite chick flicks!


Ok basically you can’t eat anything except jello and water during active labor (or at least that’s what they gave me lol)… then you have to PUSH and BREATHE in a room full of nurses and doctors plus your hubby and whoever else you have in there… one word: MINTS.


Most of us already have cameras on our phones but since I started blogging I splurged on a DSLR camera that I take with me everywhere. I can’t wait to take a ton of pictures of baby #3 in his going-home outfit! 🙂

Non Skid Socks

Like the robe, bring some that you don’t mind getting rid of after. I used to teach Pure Barre and we wore these socks for class so thankfully, I have a bunch of them. For both pregnancies, they made me walk around the hospital hallways to let gravity do it’s job so non skid socks were MAJOR key!

Travel Size Toiletries

Of course, I have to pack my favorite Philosophy products, face wash and moisturizer, and I’m glad I have the travel size! I suggest hitting up that section at Target with all the travel sized items and stock up! We have so much to pack in the bag already and I assure you that you won’t be using up a full size bottle of face wash during your stay. Oh, and don’t forget a bunch of hair ties! I’m sure you won’t want your hair all over your face when you’re huffing and puffing to get that baby out haha.

Loose/Maternity Clothing

You’d definitely want to bring your comfiest clothes. I packed my favorite oversized t-shirts and maternity leggings. Let’s just say baby boy will be the only one dressed to impress when we are ready to go home! Lol.

Things I am adding this time: Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment, Pink Blush Delivery Robe, and a Bravado nursing bra!

Fellow mamas and mamas-to-be: am I missing anything?! Let me know!

37 Weeks Bumpdate


I’m officially 37 weeks and it’s my last week of work before Maternity Leave! As much as I would love for baby #3 (trust me, we will announce the name soon) to come ASAP, I’m looking forward to getting some good quality time with Scarlett and Landon. As far as how I’ve been feeling… I’m still feeling pretty good fortunately.

I just get tired so much faster, which is understandable, since I’m carrying around all this extra weight and a full term baby! Haha. Sometimes I forget that I’m 37 weeks pregnant and try to do everything I usually do but I end up having to listen to my body and ask my husband to do my normal tasks… which he gladly does! He actually gets upset that I still do a lot of the things I do and reassures me that he will love to do anything to make my life easier.

I can’t wait for the extra time to do all of the baby laundry and get everything ready for his arrival… basically get into full time nesting mode. I’m also planning a bunch of activities to do with Scarlett and Landon while I’m on leave, as well as focusing a ton on my blog!

37weeks1Top: Xhilaration – Skirt: Mossimo Supply Co. – Sandals: Dolce Vita

Ok you guys, I have some exciting news to share… I will be taking over the @inspirepregnancy Instagram ALL day tomorrow! I will be sharing photos throughout the day as well as taking you through my day via Instastories PLUS hosting a few amazing giveaways of some of my favorite mom/baby products! Hope you follow along 🙂

P.S. This whole outfit is non-maternity! Links underneath that last photo 🙂 The top is an XS and I sized up on the skirt, size Medium. Since I’m a shorty, I was able to pull the skirt up over the belly and the length was perf!